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Backlinks XXX ultimate Seo Guide

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Android Growth In The Mobile Industry

Android’s rise in the mobile sector has been nothing but phenomenal and in 2012, 75% of smart phones shipped internationally were powered by this OS. Apple may have started the smart phone revolution, but Android has provided stiff competition every step of the way.

Android History

Android was designed primarily for mobile devices that featured touch screens, with the main focus on smart phones and tablet computers. Android is a Linux based OS that was developed by Android Inc and backed by Google. In 2005Google bought Android outright and remains the sole owner to date. The first Android powered smart phone was released in 2008 and the open source nature of the OS made it almost instantly popular with techies.

Mobile Compatibility

A major advantage of Android is its compatibility with web based software. The OS is able to access online sites and games and even notoriously tricky Flash-based entertainment renders properly on Android powered devices. One of Android’s strengths in the mobile market has been the compatibility and easy access to a large selection of mobile casino games. Being the world’s most enjoyed online entertainment there is a huge demand for the mobile options and sites like offer optimised gaming on the go.

Apps and Downloads

The Google Play Store was initially called the Android Market and recently growth in this sector has been unprecedented. Currently rivalling the Apple iStore, the Play Store recorded huge growth in the first quarter of 2013 and the cross device compatibility looks set to increase downloads even more in the future. A growing list of 3rd party apps can be acquired through this store, or users can enjoy browser based gaming that is optimised for play on both smart phones and tablets.

The future of Android

The open source nature of Android allows for it to be used across a wide range of devices and usage is not limited to smart phone and tablets. GoogleTV, cameras, wristwatches and headphones are just some of the other electrical appliances that are powered by Android and the list is ever expanding to include more advanced features and technology. Android@Home has been debuted, where household devices are controlled by the OS and Android powered smart glasses are also
in development. The future of Android looks bright and with constantly updating technology the possibilities are limitless.

Coupon Chief Coupon Codes

Coupon Chief is pleased to announce plenty of exciting new changes! Coupon Chief has recently undergone major alterations to its website. It is now easier to vote, comment, and give feedback on whether a coupon code worked or not. The percentage of successful coupon uses is displayed on the left side of the coupon along with a graph displaying the past votes for the coupon. Sales and featured coupons are clearly marked as such. Coupon use is so much easier and navigation has taken a turn for fun.

The coupons codes are now also much easier to use. The coupon code is now linked directly to the web page for the coupon code. Just click on the coupon code, allow the window to the coupon code website to pop up for you, navigate to the cart area and paste the coupon code to the special box that says coupon or promotional code right before the final order submission, and redeem your savings for the site. Instead of writing down the code or copying the code to your clipboard, the code is automatically copied for you. No need to go back and forth between the site and the the coupon code site to copy and paste anymore. Just one click and you’re done. The Coupon Chief website is so much easier for you to use and enjoy. Armed with the new Coupon Chief coupon codes, you can really save a bundle, and it’s so much easier.

To redeem your new Coupon Chief coupon code follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Most online retailers now include a field to enter a promotional code or coupon code during the checkout process. Some typical discounts might look like “10% off of your new order” or “Free Shipping on orders over $25”

Step 2:

Head on over to and search for the domain where you are making a purchase. (ie. or maybe even just

Step 3:

Click on the Coupon Chief coupon code. Paste the coupon code in the coupon code area with a right click and “Paste” selection or by pressing CTRL+V on your computer keyboard, and you should see your savings applied!